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Dr. Tate Hancock and the staff of Hancock Spine and Rehab offer chiropractic care and physical therapy services to each of their patients. The facility serves Kansas residents who live in the Goddard, Maize, and Wichita communities.

Physical Therapy Q & A

How Does Physical Therapy Assist in Chiropractic Care?

Physical therapy takes up where chiropractic care leaves off. While chiropractic care helps to restore structural balance, physical therapy works to strengthen the muscles and connective tissues to help maintain balance in the body. If an injury has occurred, the area may not be able to exercise or be moved for several days or weeks. This weakens the soft tissues and can cause the muscles to lose tone. A chiropractic adjustment can help bones in the skeleton assume their regular position, but if the muscles are weak, they may not support the healing. When physical therapy is included in the treatment plan, the muscles are strong enough to support the bones and connective tissues, holding them in place and allowing them to heal.

How Many Physical Therapy Sessions Does a Person Need?

The number of physical therapy sessions needed by each person will vary according to the severity of their injuries and how well the body responds to treatment. A minor injury may only take two or three sessions to help the patient begin to regain their strength and establish an exercise routine they can perform in their own home. If a person is recovering from a serious injury or several injuries that were received in an accident, they may take several physical therapy sessions to get them back on track. When multiple injuries are being treated, the chiropractor may only be able to address one or two issues at a time, allowing each one to heal more completely.

What Type of Exercises are Involved in a Physical Therapy Session?

Physical therapy treatment plans involve many different types of exercises. Stretching, walking, swimming, hand weights, ankle weights, range of motion exercises, manual manipulations, and therapeutic exercises are all effective when it comes to physical therapy. The chiropractor can recommend one, all, or any combination to help speed the healing process. The type of exercise used will be determined by the severity of the injury and how well the patient responds to other aspects of the treatment plan. Once the doctor can determine what is in the best interest of the patient, the treatment plan will be developed and the patient will be able to get back on the road to recovery.

Insurance Policy

Here is a short list of insurance providers that we accept. Please feel free to call our office to learn more about your coverage options.

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