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Dr. Tate Hancock and the staff of Hancock Spine and Rehab specialize in the treatment of car accident injuries. The facility serves residents who live in and around the Wichita, Kansas area.

Car Accident Injuries Q & A

What is Vertigo?

Similar to extreme dizziness, vertigo is characterized by the sensation of spinning. This often is the result of an injury to the head, specifically the inner ear or the ear canal. It can also be the result of a brain injury that was caused by a fall or a car accident. A car accident victim who suffers from whiplash or blunt force trauma to the head may experience vertigo due to the abrupt movements of the head as the accident was taking place. Vertigo is not a health condition on its own. Instead, it is a symptom or sign that something more severe may be going on inside the head or the ear canal. When visiting a doctor after a car accident, it is extremely important for the patient to report cases of vertigo so the doctor can begin looking for the cause.

How Long Does it Take to Recover From car Accident Injuries?

Minor injuries are often easy to overcome with downtime being less than a day or two. If a person receives an injury that is structural in nature, such as whiplash, low back trauma, headache pain, or any other type of bruising or damage, the recovery time could turn into several months to a year. Chiropractic adjustments physical therapy, manual manipulation, interferential muscle stimulation, and therapeutic exercises can all play an integral role in the healing process. If a patient follows the doctor's orders and attends their physical therapy sessions as they are scheduled, they could be on the road to recovery rather quickly.

Why Does it Take so Long for Certain Injuries to Show Up?

After a car accident, it can take anywhere from one to three days for many of the injuries to begin to appear. Traumatic injuries will show immediately and be characterized by loss of blood, intense bruising, and extreme pain. A mild injury may go overlooked for the first few days after the accident because of the amount of adrenaline flowing through the person's system. During an accident, the body begins to release adrenaline in an attempt to protect the person from remaining in an unsafe atmosphere. As the excitement begins to wear off, so does the adrenaline, leaving the person with the first glimpses of pain that were caused by the accident.

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